E- Commerce and e-payment

Although e-commerce is relatively new in Nigeria, it is fast becoming a proven and widely accepted form of commerce. The banks have already adopted the initiative with the deployment of cashless and online payment solutions across the country.

These include but are not limited to ATM’s, EFT’s, Online Banking for funds transfers and the likes. At a closer observation it will be seen that the introduction of e-commerce is starting to take foot in Nigeria with the introduction and adoption by the financial institutions. At last count the sectors that support e-commerce in Nigreria have risen from just one to over three major sectors.

The Institute was able to resolve its long standing problem of putting in place a solid online infrastructure to support the execution and extension of its corporate services to its over 25,000 members. The critical areas included digitization of various business execution channels to achieve full workforce automation within the tight timeline of 90 Days.



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