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Custom CMS with PHP, MySQL, AJAX, XML, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY. Helped NASD PLC achieve a cost effective international standard website.

CIS is adopting an Open Source, Content Managed approach to bridging the digital divide between it and its students, members and the general public. The integration of the Institute’s policies with the process of managing the requirements of its members is a key consideration in delivering a system that will allow all components of the Institute to execute as an encapsulated single point of contact for several member and visitor classes with differing access privileges to the information system on the internet.

Other Pertinent issues critical to a successful implementation were also:

  • Integrative the system to at least three (3) online payment providers
  • Secure users information and prevent data leak or data compromise
  • Ensure uptime and availability of the solution
  • Be ready for disaster, no matter how severe
  • Train CIS staff to be as formidable as AGE-MATE tech and lead consultants to ensure complete transfer of the technology

This is a massive project!


The CIS Portal comprises the CIS public facing website, the reseach portal, the onine payment system, the membership management system, the messaging and security system complete with a hotsite for disaster recovery.


AML was able to work very intensely to deliver this solution. The solution was a system comprising of “off-the-shelf” and “built in” components to deliver the monster that CIS 2.0 has become. The portal extends the capabilities of the CIS staff efficiently and they are able to respond and deliver services to Nigeria’s growing capital market talent base. Tending the CIS beast is an uphill task that sees AML tech leads in major locations across the globe working to ensure that the site is always reachable, setting the foundation for a pool of talent that will rely on the speed of the industry to provide them quality content to excel.


CIS Official Website

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