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The two founders of the Bricon Foundation, Abigail and Niyi lost a parent each to cancer and Abigail, is a breast cancer survivor herself; her own cancer being detected during a routine mammogram whilst on vacation in the UK. Fortunately the cancer was found early and after a double mastectomy she is now cancer free. On her return we decided to look into what was actually available within Nigeria for cancer patients and were alarmed by the lack of sufficient support structures (counseling and advice), equipment, financial assistance and trained medical personnel to cope with the ever-increasing numbers of cancer patients.

Whilst screening and advocacy continues to bring cancer patients to the fore, the treatment and support structures cannot cope with these rising volumes. There is therefore a need to address the different areas of cancer care to ensure that patients’ who are found to have cancer, have where to go to receive care, and more importantly can afford to have this care at all. This led to the birth of the Bricon Foundation.

We cannot over emphasize the importance of having the relevant medical infra structure within the country, supported by well-trained motivated professionals and appropriate legislation. This can only be done if there is sufficient funding to the medical sector as a whole and if there are funding mechanisms to make more complex specialist care such as cancer treatment available to all citizens and not just the rich.


To reduce the need for medical tourism and consequent patient mortality by developing competence and accessibility within Nigeria for treating cancer and other, potentially life threatening diseases


To provide equity in care for patients with more complex diseases requiring specialist care, that is not governed by disparity in financial privilege or social status. This care should address emotional as well as physical well being.


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The Bricon Foundation is an indigenous non governmental organization. They are into the early detection of cancer and other forms of charitable ventures. They have been around for a while and needed a befitting website for their growing operations. Being an NGO with international partners, the website was apposed to have an international look and feel. The objective was to have a portal that would allow the site owner to keep their pages updated. With little web content management experience, we at AGE-MATE decided to advise the client to go for a WordPress implementation. After about three weeks of research a befitting design was reached and development began on the new project. The client’s content was easily adapted to suit the design. Coupled with the fact that the domain had been managed by another consultant for over three years before AGE-MATE came into the picture. We were able to separate the content from the design requirements to focus on the  proper work of creating a new flow that would remove all complexities.

After careful consideration and with about 28 days of development and customization, the site was finally finished.


The functional description provided to us by the clients is very brief. So, we do expect client input at the following stages:

  • .SRS and UI finalization – this is required at the start of the project where we will begin by discussing the concepts for overall flow of the portal for feedback approval. Quick feedback at this stage will help us with keeping the project on schedule.
  • .UAT – once our internal QA team has thoroughly verified the system against the functional specifications, we expect client to review the system and provide feedback.
  • Launch – The project was deployed on a fault tolerant hosting environment on enterprise class Linux server
  • Client can manage content and has a sandbox environment setup so that the staff can be trained and equipped to handle the live site
  • Site is mobile ready, having been built with fluid design and parallax functionality


The Bricon Foundation

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