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We are able to deliver and execute mid to high level ICT products, services and projects. We have implemented various projects from design of a major securities trading platform for a major stock exchange in Nigeria to providing consulting, technical support, development services and creative planning for oil & gas, entertainment, publishing, financial services and faith based organizations.


Our services cover:

  • Information Systems (IS) Audit for international standards (ISACA, COBIT 5)
  • Computer Network security, Local Network security and Network Intrusion Detection
  • Website and hosting server security audit and reporting
  • Web application and Database design
  • Website design or re-design and management
  • Custom web application development
  • Business Applications with decision support systems (DSS)
  • E- Commerce and e-payment services
  • Polling services and awareness campaigns for corporate bodies
  • Social media strategy, campaign and analytics reporting
  • Client Relation Management Software (CMS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions (ERP)
  • Computer equipment supply, installment and configuration
  • Staff training

AGE-MATE has the organizational capacity to produce high availability web applications efficiently. Please refer to page 20 for further information.

Project Management & Collaboration

AGE - MATE Limited shares several tools for project management and collaboration tools with our clients in addition to our internal collaboration between team members.

Code Repository

We maintain the code repository where AGE - MATE Limited authorized onshore and offshore development teams can daily check in their code and it will be visible to the client who can login to see the progress of work done.

Project Planning

At the start of the project, AGE - MATE Limited will prepare a comprehensive project plan with a detailed breakdown of tasks and resource allocation. Our technical architects break up the application into the logical tiers (Presentation, Logic, and Data Access) and specify the class hierarchy for an object oriented design. Typically, this doesn’t need to be done from scratch. The technologies we use for our projects provide the base framework for this purpose.

Progress Reporting

AGE - MATE  Limited will provide detailed weekly progress report to the client identifying clearly the milestones achieved, the ones targeted for the next week, any risks the project is facing at any given stage.


We have had a hosted data exchange web portal as our collaboration tool with our clients for many years. These tools allow for easy exchange and tracking of requests, issues, and documents. This portal supports:

  • Document Management
  • Messaging
  • Calendar
  • File sharing
  • Address Books
  • Tasks, Notes and Newsletters
  • Help Desk services
  • Time Tracking
  • Mobile Sync
  • Projects
  • Document Editing
  • Billing
  • Search

Client Inputs

The functional description provided to us by the clients is very brief. So, we do expect client input at the following stages:

.SRS and UI finalization - this is required at the start of the project where we will begin by discussing the concepts for overall flow of the portal for feedback approval. Quick feedback at this stage will help us with keeping the project on schedule.

.UAT - once our internal QA team has thoroughly verified the system against the functional specifications, we expect client to review the system and provide feedback.

During the course of execution of the project, our team may ask for clarifications on the functional specifications or ask for more details. It is our expectation that the client will provide prompt answers to those queries and clarification requests.

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